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CMEA Audition Repertoire: Rose Etude No. 5

The 32 Rose etudes are a foundational set of studies for any clarinet player. Adapted from the Op. 31 etudes of Franz Wilhelm Ferling, this collection provides a variety of technical and musical challenges for clarinetists at all levels. A rotating selection of these etudes is used as audition material by the Connecticut Music Educators Association for the regional festivals: a technical and lyrical etude each year. This rotation includes etudes 5 & 18, 13 & 26, & 11 & 14, and 15 & 20. On this page are recordings and practice tips for each of these etudes. Happy practicing!

Etude 5:

Lyrical etudes give you a chance to be very expressive, showcasing your flexibility and creativity. In etudes like this one, don’t be afraid to choose places to stretch the time, and make your dynamic contrasts as big as possible. Think carefully about where each phrase is coming from and where it is going.

Be careful to always move carefully off of dotted rhythms- in the first line, make sure the 32nd notes are placed exactly right. Breathe before the A# in measure 4, and move through the repeated B’s with a sense of direction. Make the dynamic increase more in measures 11 and 12 than in 9 and 10. Use resonance fingerings throughout the etude to keep your throat tones in tune, especially in measure 15. Maintain the forte dynamic at measure 17 all the way until the decrescendo is marked. 

In the trills at measure 24, make sure to always start and finish on the written pitch. The tempo broadens in measures 25-27, so don’t rush through this section. The quarter notes marked staccato in measure 28 should be separated, but not too short. Increase in intensity as you move through the triplets in measure 38. Place the turn in measure 48 on the last eighth note of the beat, playing G-A-F#-G. In the last line, group the notes so that you’re always moving towards the G on the following downbeat. End as softly as you can.

Interested in some individual help with this etude? Head over to the lessons page to schedule an online lesson with me!