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Carlson Completes Summer Music Fellowship

Eastern Connecticut State University student Adella Carlson devoted three weeks this summer to practice, score study, and lessons as recepient of the school’s UGRCA fellowship. Carlson worked with her faculty mentor, Christopher Howard, to strengthen her performance skills and understanding of her role as a musician.

Carlson’s daily schedule included about six hours of practice and three hours of score study focused on preparing repertoire for graduate school auditions and her senior recital. Howard noted that one goal of the fellowship work was for her to develop her understanding of the clarinetist’s role in a broader sense.

Howard noted that the fellowship provided Carlson with the opportunity to focus only on music: “One of the more invaluable skills that Adella was able to get out of this experience is learning how it feels to be completely enveloped in a regimen that’s as intense as she went through for the past three weeks.”

Carlson also had writing assignments in which she reflected on the new perspectives and knowledge she was gaining as a musician. One of the obstacles she faced was keeping up with the challenging schedule. “A big challenge was definitely building up mental endurance; it took a lot to get through the long days while remaining focused and productive the entire time.”

Howard added, “Playing the clarinet is not something that many people realize can be as physically taxing as it is. Something we had to be careful about was performance injuries.” Howard continued, “This is not something that is suited for every music student; it takes a very special type of student to do what she did. Adella is one of the hardest working students I’ve ever worked with; she completely took the challenge and ran with it.”